About us

FMC has rapidly grown to become a market leader due to our in house tech expertise, wealth of industry experience and extensive network within the automotive industry.

FMC implements cutting edge technology solutions directly from leading research institution to the automotive supply chain

FMC is the parent corporation to several leading automotive brands and we are expanding to manufacturing with several plants across the globe.


  • FMC manufactures the highest quality products within the automotive industry and then imports from their manufacturing facility to countries across the globe.
  • FMC are rapidly expanding their B2B wholesale and B2C retail/ecommerce operations nationally within the UK
Our team

Our team specialises in research and development allowing us to improve every aspect of the automotive supply chain. FMCs team is composed of wide a range of professions including but not limited to: 

Software engineers
Data analysts
Full stack developers
UI/UX designers
Chemical engineers
Materials engineers
Digital marketers
Manufacturing specialists

What our Business Associates say
Ezy Care are the automotive e commerce market leaders and we have moved into becoming the biggest tailored fitted mats manufacturer and 3D/4D number plate supplier in the UK. We have worked very closely with FMC and they are our trusted business partner. They have helped us implement tech solutions in our e commerce process and are looking forward to maintaining a close business relationship.​
Director of Ezy Care
FMC has recently appointed 360 OM to manage their digital advertising spend. We are thrilled to be working with FMC. The CEO of FMC has demonstrated entrepreneurial flair and huge enthusiasm to produce several leading brands within the automotive industry. We look forward to supporting FMC growth aspirations with our paid advertising solutions.
CEO of 360 OM
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